Ao no Exorcist

Gosh… when I saw this pic…

in deviantART, (this pic belongs to seal-sierra if you want it down just holler!) I was like OMG SO BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!!

At that time I had no idea that Ao no Exorcist exist… I shared this pic with a friend of mine and we both gush over it…

It was not until later that I discovered the existence of Ao no Exorcist or AOEX…

And thus I started watching the anime as well as reading the manga and promptly fell head over heels in love with it…

However, I actually love Bon more than all the characters in AOEX.

I hope it will be as epic as FMA… Which is my NO 1 favourite anime/manga of all time!

PS: After the countless gushing I had over this pic I still can’t get over how beautiful thic pic is… OMG… It is sooooooooo perfectly romatic… *gushes*


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