Weeee! 4 days of hols! Am very happy! ^.^

Listening: to the weird Korean song “Gangnam Style” courtesy of my sister.

I was finally assigned something to work on today at work but gosh the damn tutorial for setting up environment is a FAKE! I followed the instructions meticulously and I was duped. Eugh! My colleague finally pitied me and helped me with the setup. I can start coding on Wednesday! Mua ha ha~~

Am still obsessed with Sherlock Holmes.

Changing job sometimes sucks because this means I can’t take leave. So my sis and I have been planning to head back to my home town to collect our “inheritance” during Raya. However going back to Sitiawan during Raya will be OMG-ly mad. There will be traffic jams of epic proportions! This is equals to PLANS CANCELLED!

Ah which means tomorrow I will have to start working on my newly acquired house. Tears of laziness will be flowing~~

BUT! Once the house is nicely renovated I will be able to have a bookcase to properly arrange my books!


Reading: Sherlock fic “The Last Place You’d Look” by anonymous…


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