and the rest I buy myself…

The latest book Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox was bought earlier… But since is the 6th book I didn’t wanna read it till I buy the first book…

Then I saw the whole set in Ikano Popular!!!! So I told my aunt I want some these for Christmas, since I damn fucking broke d…

The rest of the books by chronological order…

Gosh so gonna read them asap!!!



Saw this baju in Lot 10 when I visited the Hokkaido Fair, so as usual I will blah to my family and my aunt (I think) discreetly went and bought it!!! LOL I SO LOVE IT!!!!

And my sister bought me the cute rabbit keychain too….




I summore curik abuse my collegue’s printer, cos she not around, and print the ebook that I’m quite sure will be almost impossible to find in Malaysia… I bind it and

Tada!!!! GOSH!!! CANTIK!!!!

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Normal post…

Ah the normal, my ramblings, kind of post….

This is a dunno what car that we always see around KL… And everytime we see this car we will sure jesk jek… Cos that is the cars name… No??

This is Rika’s bread which make her think that I’m her pet or something cos everytime she gimme food I will just take and eat… Halo!!!! Normal lar… I love to eat k… See my fats oso know lar… When people offer of course I take lar, unless the food is the one I dun like to eat or dun eat…

That day in MPH 1U I saw the Bleach poster/picture book thingy… Where I go pai xiang pian… Actually got a lot… But I malas so in the end only these two is nice nia… Lousy lighting… HNG!!!! Actually not so nice oso lor… CEH!

Ukitake Jushiro

Kuchiki Byakuya

Speaking bout Bleach…. SOOOOOOOO beh tahan…. We all know the sei Muramasa wears high heels… Now I realize he wears pointed Aladdin shoes….
SEE!!!!! Totally just super swt nia… Eugh….

Then this is when I went 1U with my cousin we saw these tissue box and we x ade benda buat so we do stupid things… =.=”

Argh!!! My finger!!!!


Get off you sei yan tau hedgehog!!!! NOOO I love hedgehog wan ler… YYYY!!!!

Morning of clubbing day… Where we suppose to study when Sen tries to finish his Lost Symbol book….

A very UN-productive day… Unless you count getting this Lexie squinting pic as being productive…

and also a picture of Lexie waiting when Sen goes in the bathroom… She like pining nia… LOL…

Then after Sen FINALLY finish his book he suddenly wan play Monopoly… Which is a terrifying game cos he so jahat make me almost bankrupt… Actually he go bankrupt Rika… So keji… And we almost late to clubbing cos he sei sei wan bankrupt me which he x berjaya in the end cos we really had to leave d and still when we got there seriously no people wan.. Swt so beh syok… But later we went Zouk which is oso swt cos got people but no one dancing…

Got lar few I dunno what people doing the I’m-geng-shake-butt-move on the dance floor… Then later when warm up abit got people start to dance d we oso start lar… Sen so geng there… Me and James and Rika dunno dance mah so me mah shake shake… Song nice shake more song not nice malas shake… Butt pain… Then later almost 1.30 d we mah wan leave lor… Sei DJ go one shot put all the songs we like… So we walk walk half way stop and continue shake… HAHA!!! But in the end when DJ put Michael Jackson song Sen so fast pull us out… So hate MJ till like that… LOL!!!!

But when we leave ar… Gosh my ears… Totally cannot hear anything… My own voice oso like so soft… Walau… But later ok d lar… Summore went mamak eat but I x eat cos nausea a bit and headache… So scared I vomit… Thank god after eat panadol with Ribena so much better….


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Book Post!!!

Book frenzy again… Swt me…

My sis says, ‘These’ – sweeping motion with hand over my books- ‘are a waste of money…’

I say, ‘These’ – sweeping motion with hand over her cosmetic stuff, clothes, shoes and bags- ‘are a waste of money…’

LOL!! The above is a speculation… She’s not judgmental like a certain someone I know….

Ok the following are books that I bought over the course of, ermmm, 2 months?? Yeah something like that…

I don’t know what came over me but I’ve always wanted to read these ‘classics’… Gosh…

As a Tolkien fan I need to buy these… Although I still find his books long winded and boring, the plot is nice… It will take me a long time to finish reading these books….

My first time venture into sci-fi books… Come to think of it… I’ve read Tachyon Web… Is that counted as sci-fi??

This is all Sen’s fault he said someone said Warcraft stories are good… Not like I don’t know cos I kinda finish the whole Warcraft game, but in the end I decided to give it a try… I will most probably get the remaining 2 books… Just to finish the story… Maybe it’ll be as bad as Eclipse (from the Twilight series) that I’ll stop reading altogether… LOL!!!

A random buy… Totally just suddenly-no-plan-random-buy… LOL!!! Summore I go get the whole set… I seriously am crazy…

And this I buy cos Sen’s Lost Symbol is 20% off, purchase with purchase… Did not regret buying it though… I’ve been wanting to get it since it came out… BUT!!!! Too expensive, no money… Ok I admit I sometimes kedekut… Seriously 99.90 for a book no way… If I’m rich then yeah sure why not… Finished the whole 1093 pages and then…


Wait lar 4 years for the next book… I wan die d… WAA!!!!


MY VERY OWN THE LOST SYMBOL!!!!! That came all the way from Australia cos my aunt say since it’s RM75 only, which is RM5 cheaper compared to the price in Malaysia, which is about RM80… LOL she is sweet this way…Many thanks for sponsoring my ‘own my very own library’ dream….

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Harry Potter….

Ok first things first, Wey dun read this post if you haven watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince… I warned you d ar… So dun accuse me of spoiler-ing you…

Ok anyway, the movie kinda feel like super long… All cos the movie so sloooowww…. Talk oso slow like one     word     slowly     pronounce     and     enunciate…. But the one thing I super cannot tahan is kinda the spell thingy… Suddenly everyone, be it student, teacher, Death Eaters or just some random wizard or witch can perform wandless and non verbal spells… Just point and shoot… So weird nia… I keep expect the spell name to appear… Of course this is cos I kinda used to the concept that wandless and non verbal spells are very hard to perform…

But I guess doing it this way makes the movie more movie-ish… I shall not complain about the lack of information and the plastic look of young Tom Riddle No.2… He looks so scarily plastic…

Riddle No.1

Riddle No.2

Riddle No.2 take 2

There is one thing which is super weird… The attacking of The Burrow part is kinda unnecessary and just pointless… They could have save the time and do a better attacking of Hogwarts kan? I would have liked to see the whole spells flying everywhere and the whole school panicking and the whole big fight… But all I got to see was Dumbledore dying, Bella bombing Hagrid’s hut and Snape totally kicking Harry’s ass, not that he didn’t kick Harry’s ass in the book… Oh I almost forgot that Bella did kick Harry’s ass too… Once… And she didn’t capture Harry so that Voldemort can torture him…

Ah, I wan rage!!! Now I get why I was sooooo unsatisfied… The Snape kicking Harry’s ass part needs more fiery burning cold furious rage… Ok maybe cos the lack of focus on Harry hating Snape’s DADA non verbal spells class and the confrontation him possessing Snape’s book makes the whole end confrontation seem dull and just lacking…

Besides that Lavander Brown is a total bimbotic ditz in the movie…

Lala… Kanda…

Haiz… I miss my Kanda… Eh Hoshino faster continue lar… Sei babi vacation so long… Hng!!!

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Gosh, I’ve just finished the book -Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction-… And truthfully the ending was kinda abrupt. It has a nice ending, but right before the ending, a series of unfortunate stuff happen to the book’s protagonist that made me think a little too much. I don’t normally think so far, as it actually has very little impact on my own personal life.

However, after reading this book I somewhat sympathize with the victims of war as well as the soldiers. Being helpless and anticipating dead is very horrible. Killing people is also not as easy as it seems. Living in fear of being killed in the next battle is also as horrible.

Gosh, the words “Glenn ask me if I’d ever seen a dead body. I said that I hadn’t. He said, ‘I have.'” are kinda stuck in my head.

When Glenn’s best friend, Robbie, died, it got worst.

“Half an hour later, the phone call I was dreading. It was Glenn.

He accused me of being responsible for Robbie’s death. He said, ‘You told me that I was fighting for democracy, but Robbie’s dead, Dad. Robbie’s dead!’

He said, ‘You’re my dad, you shouldn’t have let me go to Iraq, you should have stopped me.’

I let him shout and swear at me and didn’t try to defend myself, because he was correct in everything he said.

When I told him to try and get some sleep, he said ‘After what I seen today, I’ll never sleep again.'”

FYI, the kids are about 18 years of age.

Argh! I’m kinda morose now I need to get this off my system. I will be alright tomorrow! I will snap out of this stupid over-emotional moment of being morose over stuff that I can do nothing about even if I sit here and be depressed over it!!!

A poem taken from the book, which is obviously taken from somewhere else.


No doubt they’ll soon get well; the shock and strain
Have caused their stammering, disconnected talk.
Of course they’re “longing to go out again,”–
These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk,
They’ll soon forget their haunted nights; their cowed
Subjection to the ghosts of friends who died,–
Their dreams that drip with murder; and they’ll be proud
Of glorious war that shatter’d all their pride …
Men who went out to battle, grim and glad;
Children, with eyes that hate you, broken and mad.

Siegfried Sassoon, OCT 1917

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  • melancholic and so on and so forth…
  • PS: Dun suit my mood at all…


I just understood the comment on Oscar Wilde in the previous blog post’s book excerpt! This guy in the book I’m reading, name’s Adrian Mole by the way, mention Oscar Wilde a few times. After writing the previous piece of post, I googl-ed his name and found out that Oscar Wilde is the author for a book I wanted to read but did not remember putting it in my list. Actually there is a lot of books that I want to read but did not include in the list cos I cannot remember. I will slowly expand the list.

Ok, anyway that was not the point. The point is Oscar Wilde was a homosexual. And if you read back the previous blog’s book excerpt you will find that he, Adrian Mole, just accused several WWF superstar of being gay! Ok, maybe not several. All of them! LOL!!

I was looking at my blog cos I was sending links of my ‘Wolfe crazy moments’ blog to Sen and Rika, when I suddenly spotted the word ‘Oscar Wilde’ and started laughing like a maniac. Thank -whatever- god that my sister is not here. She would have accused me of being crazy.

I think I’m a exsistentialist… Maybe… Oh well…

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Fool on the kekkai!

is now my favourite phrase… Totally love it! Though no one would understand why the hell I love.

It’s taken from the anime Kekkashi. I’ve downloaded the whole set of manga down to the latest chapter after I finished watching the anime for the second time. I’ve just finished the the whole set and I’m kinda bored now.

I crazily bought another book named ‘Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction by Sue Townsend’. I’m still not even halfway through it. I think I’m keeping it for the KTM emergencies.

You know when they suddenly have ‘technical dificulties’… Stupid KTM anyway! Yesterday when I was heading home the stupid station in Bank Negara had a shift change, and refused to open the counter, forcing people to buy their tickets from the ticketing machine which is so lousy. It will only receive one piece of paper money and the rest must be coins.

For god’s sake!! Do they expect everyone to carry a sack of coins everywhere they go! I was close to yelling at the stupid attendant who is drinking calmly behind the counter. Finally another attendant came and help me change my 10 ringgit note. I would have raged up a storm there if I missed a train. They should thank whatever deity they are praying to, that the train did not come when I was trying to purchase a ticket from the STUPID machine!

Then there those STUPID KTM people that have no sense whatsoever!! When you have shift change at least wait till the other comes in for work! You don’t just close your counter and start packing up your stuff! They shouldn’t be late too! Being late is just argh! They are by far the worst people to dabble in customer service! If all you can do is point at the sign and say ‘Tukar shift’ then I suggest you get your ass out of customer service!

An excerpt from the book I was reading.

“Since being introduced to WWF (World Wrestling Federation) at my mother’s house, he is now addicted – and I use the word carefully. He lives only for fridays when Sky Sports One broadcasts two hours of this so called ‘Sports Entertainment’. His heroes are The Rock and The Undertaker, and his antiheroes are Stone Cold Steve Austin and DDP (Diamond Dallas Page). All of the above are hideous-looking, over muscled brutes who do not look as if they have ever read literature, and probably think that Nabokov is an illegal steroid.

Last night I found William six inches from the TV watching an action replay of The Rock’s finishing manoeuvre. His victim was Booker T. The Rock was smashing Booker T’s head through a table. When I made an objection, William said, ‘Quite, Dad. The Rock’s going for the one-two-three count. If he gets it, he’ll leave the Astrodome with the WWf championship belt.’

I pointed out to William that wrestling was merely a sublimation of sub-erotic activity. The hulks refuse to accept the truth – that they have more in common with Oscar Wilde than they can possibly know. William shouted, ‘For God’s sake, stop talkin’!’ I took the remote from him and flipped through the channels, looking for a David Jason drama. William screamed, then held his breath until his lips turned blue. He only resumed breathing when I flicked back to Sky Sports One.”

I personally found that hillarious. The kid’s 7 by the way…

I’m still stuck with my Moral assignment. I’m now at 1.5 pages… I still, at least, need 1 more page. How the hell will I be able to crap 1 more page bout same sex marriages in Malay. Gosh! This is outrageous!!! I still HATE BM!!!! Grah!!!

OH!!!! I totally forgot bout this!!!!! I saw this shirt when I was back in Sitiawan, my hometown, cinema…

I love this shirt! Gosh I wish it’s available in black… Hell it’s useless, I don’t even know who the hell wore it. Shouldn’t expect to find the store that sells it either….

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