Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 1

Artist: Akira Senju
Album: Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 1 (OST for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Download: Mediafire

1.Main Theme ~The Fullmetal Alchemist~

2.Laws of Alchemy

3.again ~Anime Version~

4.Nightfall in Central City

5.Fire in the Sky

6.Clash of the Alchemists



9.Spiral of Truth

10.Mortal Sin

11.One is All, All is One

12.Requiem of the Brigadier General


14.Lullaby of Resembool


16.Hologram ANIME Ver.

17.Far East Suite

18.Beneath the City

19.Fifth Laboratory

20.Fanfare for the Brave

21.Trisha’s Lullaby

22.Concerto ~Brotherhood~

23.Hum of the Streets

24.Beyond the Walls

25.Next Chapter

26.Home ~en route to Resembool~

27.Lapis Philosophorum

28.Happiness ~Requiem from “The Blind Alchemist”~

29.Home ~a house on the hill~

30.Overture ~Brotherhood~



Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 3

Artist: Akira Senju
Album: Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 3 (OST for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Download: Mediafire

1. Rain (TV size)

2. Knives and Shadows

3. March of the Moving Dolls

4. Crime and Punishment

5. Ante Meridiem

6. Consonance

7. The Intrepid

8. Tribute to W.C. I

9. The Forbearer

10. Envy Revealed ~Adagio~

11. Laws of Alchemy ~Instrumental~

12. Heroic Bolero

13. A Soldier’s Honor

14. Amestris Military March

15. Tribute to W.C. II

16. The Pendulum

17. The Day the Sun Disappeared

18. Dissident’s Creed

19. In the Fray

20. Lapis Philosophorum ~Chant~

21. Violoncello’s Lament

22. Sorrowful Stone

23. Main Theme ~The Alchemist~

24. The Awakening

25. Philosophorum Omega

26. Nightfall in Central City ~Fin~

27. Epilogue ~A New Journey~

28. Main Theme ~Homage to Alchemy~

29. Trisha’s Lullaby ~A Reminiscence~

30. RAY OF LIGHT (TV size)

31. Resembool’s Lullaby

The panda of FMA!

Shao May or Xiao Mei… Whatever… Lala

Wow… Al is so evil he’s at the TOP!

I’m very certain Ed has Selective Bias Attention… That is the only thing I remember from my Organizational Behavior subject… Such a pity…

Collection of EVIL EDs

Ok, firstly we have the normal evil -smiling- Ed…

and so on…

Thanks to Sen who told me I missed these from episode 21…

Then we have the ultimate shiny eyes evil -still smiling- Ed…

and from the last post… Just to complete it…

Gosh… I went through all the 56 episodes of FMA: Brotherhood and realized that, gosh, he’s only evil in 5 episodes (1, 21, 38, 41, 50)… Such a pity… I SO LOVE EVIL ED!!!!

Shiny eyes evil Ed…


and then

Gosh after this he beat up a few guys and his dad said to him Omae hidoi ne (You’re terrible)… LOL!!!!!!

One day I must go screenshot down all of Ed’s evil face in the anime!!! AND THEN POST THEM HERE!!!!

You’ve gotta LOVE evil Ed!!!! GOSH!

Can’t wait for SID’s single, Rain, to be out on the 2nd of June…. QUICK QUICK!!!!

Can’t wait for FMA 107 to be translated OSO!!!!

Love FMA, no?

Just some screenshots…

A very yeng and mafia like Edward…

A very cool piece of fire alchemy courtesy of Roy Mustang…

and a coloured version of a taller-than-Winry Ed… Gosh, I re-fall in love with Shunkan Sentimental…