I wan a snake

for a pet… Then I’m going to name it Nyx… I dun care if it’s a male or female I’m still going to name it Nyx…

Sorry I curik your picture man… But he is soooo handsome!!! Gosh I wan wan wan!!!!

I will get you my future Nyx!



and it’s all Sen’s fault… He cakap bout his dog there till I think bout myself getting a hedgehog… Then I show Rika just now how cute the hedgehog is! OMG!!!


Gosh! I’m getting one then I’m naming it Wolfe… Sen says I should name it Wolfy… But I said well I’m naming it Wolfe and I’m calling it Wolfy. Rika and Sen then protested and said I should name it a long name and call it a shorter nickname, thus I must name it Wolfy and call it Wolfe. But I refuse and presented a few human name examples like:

Named John and called Johnny
Named Sam and called Sammy
and so on and so forth

SO! I’m still naming my hedgehog Wolfe…

I forgot mention that Rika say it’s cute… Awww loookkkkk…

And I’m suppose to be doing my stupid moral assignment which is so stupid cos I have to write it in BM… I suck at BM anyway… I pasted a paragraph to Sen and he commented that it is so obvious I translate it from English… Gosh! Plus without the help from Rika and Pet I might still be struggling…. At least now I have 1 1/5 pages… I still need 1 4/5 pages of material.

OMHG!!! It’s actually alot!!! I’m doing it on double spacing, as required, summore! Shit!!!

Eugh! I gotta stop thinking bout moral for a while! And think bout! My future hedgehog! Wolfe!

It’s yawning! I love animals when they yawn! It’s so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to have a male dwarf hamster named Bobby, nickname Bobob. This case of naming has cause quite a big scandal, due to my family not understanding the reason to of naming him Bobby (2 syllables) and nickname him Bobob (still 2 syllables)… I said it’s cute and that’s final!

Sen’s dog should be named Hamlet anyway… It’s a dignified name… Unlike the usual Lulu and stuff…

Ok I know that was not funny… Lala… Thus I will cover up my mistake with yet another cute Wolfe picture!!!


NOO!!! I still gotta finish my moral… DAMNIT! I dun wan dooooo…. Y must I get a stupid question on same sex marriages! Damn stupid k! Argh!!!! Grah Grah!

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